Sell Your Collection

Need Space?

If you have a few items you would like to clean out, or a whole collection you'd like to turn back into dollars or other cool nerd stuff, we are likely interested!

We buy a wide range of collectibles and trading cards, for both cash (by bank transfer only) and store credit.

Please be advised that we don't take everything brought in to us. We still have to check it to make sure it is something we want and that we aren't overstocked on. If you are unsure, please message us on Facebook, or send us an email at with as much detail as you can, and we will let you know whether we are interested in your items.


Having an item sealed in the box of course means its value will be much higher. An item which is complete out of the box is immediately second hand, and will sell for a lower price.

If an item has multiple components and is out of the box or loose, it may be hard for us to determine just how complete it is, or its exact condition, so please bear in mind the price will be lower to reflect this.


Generally, we pay between 30-40% for an item in cash if it's not a very fast moving item. Warhammer units that have been partially assembled or painted, Anime figures out of box.

Fast moving items we buy for between 40-50% of their value in cash. Examples of this include boxed and sealed Warhammer, good value trading cards in good condition, Anime statues or Sideshow statues complete in box.


We pay 10% more for store credit! For example, if we would normally buy an item for 50% of its value in cash, in store credit we'll pay 60%.


  • TRADING CARDS - We buy Magic the Gathering and Pokemon singles. Please see our buylist function under the "Buylist" tab for prices. We are not currently buying any cards from other games.

    Due to the volatility of new TCG sets like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon, we DO NOT buy or trade in single cards until a week after the official release date.

  • BULK CARDS - We take bulk Magic the Gathering and Pokemon cards! The going rate is $0.50 cash or $0.70 store credit per 100 cards.

  • WARHAMMER - We buy Warhammer. Sealed in box is preferred (though please bear in mind we need receipts for sealed product). We will also take armies, collections, and all sorts. Loose sprues are generally considered as low value.

  • STATUES - We only buy anime statues at this point - such as Banpresto and Good Smile Company. We do not buy Figma, Nendoroid, Hot Toys or any Mecha/Gundam at this time.

  • RPG BOOKS - Yes, we will take your cherished RPG books when you no longer need them or no longer have space! 


We don't buy electronics, video games, DVDs, CDs, Vinyl Music, Music Merchandise or items that are not based on nerd culture. For example, we don't buy Ozzy Osbourne merchandise.

We no longer buy Pop! Vinyls and other Funko products, in or out of box

We don't take second hand paints, glue or hobby gear that has been taken out of the packet.

We also don't take second hand board games, posters, gold or jewellery.

We don't take comics, most statues, collector's editions of games, loose or LEGO.


We can only take Trade-Ins from adults with full ID. Minors will need a parent or guardian with full ID.


We can often handle trades with less than 10 items on the same day if brought in before 12pm. If it is a large trade we may ask for the items to be left with us for 1 - 2 days depending on the amount of trades we have lined up. To help speed up the process, please have your ID and bank details available upon request.


If you'd like to trade in with us, you can get in contact with us via email, phone or facebook. Please provide photos and we can let you know if we'd be interested in taking your collection.

You can also just bring your items in, though please bear in mind there may be a wait depending on how long the current line is of item!

Finally, if you live interstate, you can post your items to us. In that case we would appreciate a full list, including condition of the item, so we can give as accurate a quote as possible. Please don't mail items to us until you have accepted our quote! Otherwise we may have to ship the items back at your expense.